3D Image Sequence

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An image sequence is a set of frames usually generated from a 3D photo session, where several views of a still subject is created with a still camera on a rail system. It can also be created in a 3D modeling software.

Render the scene in the TIFF format and provide 10 or 20 views for optimal impact at 300 DPI actual size, with 1/8’’ bleed on all sides. All views needs to be of identical sizes.

As a rule of thumb, use one degree distance between views. Place the views in their sort order.

When previewed, objects in the foreground will be moving to the right and objects in the background will be moving to the left.

If your concept contains text or logos, they should be placed closer to the key plane ( Focal Point ) to avoid blurriness and promote better legibility. Avoid solid colors or white background and replace with a textured background to increase depth perception. Brighter colors will render much better and enhance the 3D illusion. However, B & W subjects will also work fine if the background is textured.

Use CMYK to minimize potential color shifts. Avoid Serif, Italic and fancy fonts. Very fine font size will reduce readability. No text, logo or illustrations within ½’’ from all outside edges.


  • In order to avoid any gaps or voids while the layers are in motion on the 3D print, it is mandatory that the file is ½’’ wider ( on each side ) that the width of the final print. This is referred to as 3D margin. Furthermore, the back layers cannot contain empty space below the objects on them.

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