What Makes Softmotion 3D Stand Out

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Here is what makes Softmotion 3D stand out

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About Softmotion 3D

As a commercial printer, we specialize in lenticular printing applications. All our activities, research and development, and focus are dedicated to lenticular printing technology. We have facilities in New York City, Chambly, and Toronto Canada and we are set-up to manage global projects, shipping worldwide.

Since we set up shop in 1997, we have created a sophisticated lenticular production studio and a modern virtual workflow that gathers all types of projects and clients. We deal with projects that include a single 16” X 20” print up to a 100-feet long 3D mural as an architectural element for wall decor and educational purposes in museum applications

We can produce large format lenticular prints as well as large scale synchronized murals with digital UV printing equipment, and we print smaller sizes for handheld applications with a lithography UV press.

We deal with a variety of clients such as an artist producing a single 16” X 20” 3D lenticular print, an advertising agency requiring two million postcards for a direct mail campaign, a museum seeking animation work to educate or a casino creating unique and interactive wall décor.

The Softmotion 3D Difference

Our focus is solely on lenticular printing, and we’re dedicated to furthering our lenticular printing technology. Having a sole focus allows our technicians to develop their skills and experience much faster than other commercial printers that may work on this application on a part-time basis.

We use lenticular lenses fabricated with a UV curing process, which is the latest technology in fabricating lenticular sheets. The UV liquid resin is coated on a PET/APET film and use the property of the UV curable resin when it is exposed to UV light via an engraving process, and  the lenticular structure is applied from the UV resin onto the PET/APET film. The whole production process is carried out in a dust-free environment, regulated temperature, humidity-stabilized environment and use an ultra- precise engraving cylinder, without heating and cooling.

Other brands use the old extrusion process that uses heat, extruding and a cooling process. Consequently, our lenses are almost distortion free and offer much better clarity and in focus rendering.

Our expertise has also helped us create a workflow process that allows us to visually see the end results before producing the final prints. Other printers use equipment and techniques that produce in “'blind mode.” This means that they print on the reverse side of the lenticular sheets and can’t see the 3D effect and make any adjustment on the fly like us.

We are leaders in our field of work because we offer fast turnaround times, highly competitive prices, and can visualize results before making any commitment. Moreover, we turn around virtual and physical prototypes overnight anywhere in North America at no cost, and we don’t accept any projects or any down payments until the client is happy with the final rendering. This allows us to educate our clients on the do’s and don’ts in the design stage.

Apart from lenticular printing, we are also passionate about helping improve the quality of life for sick children, which is why we proudly support the Shriners Hospital organization and do whatever we can to make a difference in the kids’ lives.

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