Top Five Things To Look For When Hiring A Lenticular Printing Specialist

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Top five things to look for when hiring a Lenticular Printing Specialist

With countless advertisements displayed along pathways, avenues, storefronts, and retail outlets, it’s become tougher to get your brand noticed. To gain an edge over competitors and attract more clients, businesses are now opting for more stand out forms of advertising like lenticular printing.

Unlike conventional printing, lenticular prints provide an exciting dimension by adding motion or varying perspectives when viewed from different angles. A lenticular specialist will help you design innovative ads that can attract more eyeballs and tell an informative and exciting story about your brand.

However, finding a lenticular printing professional who is skilled and experienced can be tough. So, to help you find a specialist who can meet your requirements, we’ve compiled a list of top five things to look for when hiring a lenticular specialist.

1. Lenticular printing services.

Lenticular printing is offered by numerous promoters online who do not fabricate the product but act as print brokers. This can be a barrier to essential technical correspondence required between a client and manufacturer and eventually result in a subpar product. Alternatively, consider working directly with the manufacturer as they can evaluate the source art and better communicate the limitations and possibilities of the lenticular specialty production.

2. Lenticular lenses used.

Lenticular lenses are available in several formats, resolutions, and resins, such as APET, PET, PETG, polystyrene, acrylic, etc. All these aspects have an impact on the final results and performance. The lens selected should be designed to optimize the final rendering of your source art, and your concept limitations with the lenticular medium should be well articulated before engaging in this process. Before hiring a professional, get the full specifications on the types of lenses the manufacturer uses, along with their prices.

3. Produce a physical mockup of your concept.

Make sure you get your supplier to produce a free physical mockup of your concept. This will allow you to see how the final product will turn out and also suggest tweaks to get the desired effect. Although many professionals provide virtual proofs like GIF’s and others, these samples aren’t able to provide an accurate simulation of the final product. It doesn’t consider color matching, contrast, branding, ghosting and viewing angle limitations. You shouldn’t give the go-ahead to produce the final prints by merely looking at soft proof. If the vendor doesn’t offer a physical mockup in a day or two, you should be nervous about working with the company.

4. Don’t get caught up with the process and technology.

Don’t get caught up with the process and technology used to fabricate your project. An experienced lenticular specialist will select the appropriate tools needed for the project. While it can be direct printing on the substrate with a digital flatbed printer, a litho press or via the traditional photographic method, your vendor should have access to all these tools and use the best one suited to your application. If the vendor doesn’t have all those tools, the chances are that your project may not be optimized.

5. Transparency.

Find a partner or vendor who is transparent and provides all the facts and figures before you go into business with them. If you get the feeling the process looks too simple and easy, you may be dealing with a subpar company, which will only place you at risk along with your associates and clients.

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