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Dulles International Airport

Dulles International Lenticular Art

Mikyong Kim Design


Lenticular fine art paintings, panels of 48’’ X 96’’


2 phase transitions. Lenticular Flip The animation of 2 images. A quick transition of 2 images, each vanishing and then reappearing from one to another, is ideal for demonstrating “ cause & effects “ or “ before & after “

Lenticular art project for Dulles International Airport Chantilly, VA

Artist Statement

The Pendulum Project juxtaposes transformations in global and local time, while highlighting the light conditions that shape our experience of place. A series of folded and digital lenticular print walls define the sculpture that wraps the existing concrete wall structure of the building.

The lenticular technology allows for contrasting lenticular images to change and move as it is viewed from various angles. One view of this lenticular graphic utilizes global satellite images, showing the transformation of light as the earth orbits the sun.

The other view underscores the local seasonal transformations with the annual cycles of nature defined through images of the native hardwood forests in the region. The piece allows for a reading of linear and cyclical time in both global and local landscapes, while encouraging viewers to move around the lenticular sculpture.

Airports are a place where time is ambiguous and travel across multiple time zones further blurs that sense of time and order. The Pendulum Project offers travelers a sense of arrival to a locale and destination while highlighting the cyclical nature of global travel.

The lenticular art project creates a multilayered visual experience that encourages both brisk movement along the corridor and moments of interest adjacent to the carousels, allowing for families and individuals to experience the piece at multiple velocities and durations of time.


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