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How 3D Lenticular Works


What is 3D Lenticular and How Does it Work?

Softmotion 3D Lenticular Animation

Nintendo Lenticular Print

Lenticular 3D prints are graphics designed to work together with a lenticular lens that allow viewers to see different images when viewed from different angles.

The image is a composite of two or more graphics that are interlaced together. The lens is a unique optically clear acrylic plastic that is made up of individual lenticules. Based on the angle of vue, each lenticule acts as a magnifying glass that enlarges and displays the portion of the image seen in the specific angle of vue.

Multiple lenticules working together, create the entire lenticular 3D scene and simulates a video-like short animation, that brings your story to life as you move around the image. Ask for a complimentary virtual prototype of your idea here: Contact.

Dragonquest Lenticular Print Dragonquest 2 Lenticular Print Dragonquest 3 Lenticular Print


Softmotion, Logo

Since 1997, Softmotion 3D has been one of the leading 3D lenticular medium producer for designers, fine artists and architects around the globe. Browse some of these projects here at:

As you will see, the quality of our work is unsurpassed, and our pricing structure makes the finest 3D lenticular art accessible.

Please contact us with your inquiry at:,

We welcome the opportunity to explore the possibilities with you. 



Most Popular Special Effects

Lenticular Animation

Bringing images to life…
A series of images coming together to create seemless motion, with video-like sequence.
The illusion of motion actually comes from either a selection of digital betacam frames or sequential still images. This lenticular animation effect is great for emphasizing body movement or mechanical action.

Mandalay Bay Lenticular Print

Lenticular Flip

The animation of 2 images.
A quick transition of 2 images, each vanishing and then reappearing from one to another, is ideal for demonstrating “ cause & effect “ or “ before & after “

Philips Lenticular Print

Still and animated 3D

Much like a hologram, 3D lenticular imagery allows you to be moving around an image, giving it volume, being at the heart of the representation and setting your eyes on features in the third dimension.

Avengers 3D Lenticular Print



Savvy marketers, designers & architects around the globe, knows that Softmotion® 3D & animated lenticular imagery is more effective, and much more persuasive than static mediums.

Its interactive & entertaining features will help you capture consumer’s attention in your message by involving them 12 times longer than static mediums and 3 times more intently than static solutions. Ultimately, helping you leave a positive impression on the human brain.

Softmotion® 3D lenticular printing medium reaches far beyond flat advertisement, creating an interactive environment within a designated space, at affordable prices, from lenticular postage stamp to lenticular billboard size, with accurate lenticular phasing.

The Softmotion® 3D award-winning lenticular technology has unique features that stretch the limits of contemporary lenticular printing and define the highest standards in 3D/4D lenticular animated visual products.

See our story in the corporate video at: and ask for a free Lenticular Feasibility Study of your concept/idea:

An emerging artform in the mix...

Since the inception of barrier screen technology by Clarence W. Kanolt, and the experimentation on lenti culated glass by Maurice Bonnet, the limitations of 3D imagery have been transcended to produce works of art that is no longer overwhelmed by its own process.

Moving around an image, giving it volume, being at the heart of the representation, seeing a moving scene in three dimensions; today computer techniques and optically clear lenticular lenses enable us to fulfill all of these ambitions, or at least facilitate their realization.

In the last 15 years, Softmotion has been the leading lenticular 3D fine art producer for over 3,000 of the finest artists and architects around the globe. Even if conquering the process was necessary for these arti sts, they were successful in raising the bar to new levels, and bring what is perceived to be primarily commercial imaging applications, into an emerging artform.

Expand the realm of experience with the lenticular 3D format, by letting the viewer interact with your art in motion, the natural expression of your initial intent...With a creative team specializing in lenticular 3D creations and printing since 1997, we can help you migrate your project onto lenticular 3D mediums.

Browse some of the projects on our site at: www.soft As you will see, the quality of our work is unsurpassed, and our pricing structure makes the finest lenticular 3D art accessible. Please contact us with your inquiries; we welcome the opportunity to serve you.

Tel.: 1 855 355.1629

Guy Brisson, Marketing Director

See more lenticular education at: wiki/Lenticular_printing.

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