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How 3D Lenticular Works

What is 3D Lenticular and How Does it Work?

Lenticular 3D prints are graphics designed to work together with a lenticular lens that allow viewers to see different images when viewed from different angles.

The image is a composite of two or more graphics that are interlaced together. The lens is a unique optically clear acrylic plastic that is made up of individual lenticules. Based on the angle of vue, each lenticule acts as a magnifying glass that enlarges and displays the portion of the image seen in the specific angle of vue.

Multiple lenticules working together, create the entire lenticular 3D scene and simulates a video-like short animation, that brings your story to life as you move around the image. Ask for a complimentary virtual prototype of your idea here: Contact.

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  • Lenticular Printing New York
  • Lenticular Printing New York

Most Popular Special Effects


Bringing images to life…

A series of images coming together to create seemless motion, with video-like sequence.
The illusion of motion actually comes from either a selection of digital betacam frames or sequential still images. This lenticular animation effect is great for emphasizing body movement or mechanical action.

The animation of 2 images.
A quick transition of 2 images, each vanishing and then reappearing from one to another, is ideal for demonstrating “ cause & effect “ or “ before & after “

Much like a hologram, 3D lenticular imagery allows you to be moving around an image, giving it volume, being at the heart of the representation and setting your eyes on features in the third dimension.