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oftmotion3D it seems, is once again in vogue. With the box office success of movies such as Avatar and the incoming deluge of 3D television sets, 3D video games and 3D cameras, savvy marketers are once again setting their eyes on features in the third dimension. Lenticular, of course, isn’t new: novelty lenticular prints span back over 60 years. However, the new generation of lenticular substrate is now within the reach for more printing applications, moving from what was once a black art to a discipline mastered by Softmotion® since the mid 90′s. Central to this shift is the development of a sophisticated digital workflow, which aids in commoditizing previously highly proprietary and expensive lenticular techniques. Our lenticular for out-of-home media, POP and direct marketing solutions reaches far beyond flat advertisement, creating an interactive environment within a signage space at affordable prices, from postage stamp to billboard size, with accurate phasing.

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