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Tell your story and bring it to life with Softmotion’s real 3D lenticular animated prints, no 3D glasses required.

From $69.95


About Us

Savvy marketers, designers & architects around the globe, knows that Softmotion® 3D & animated lenticular imagery is more effective, and much more persuasive than static mediums, to tell a story.

Its interactive & entertaining features will help you capture consumer’s attention by involving them far longer, and more intently in your message. Ultimately, helping you leave a positive impression on the human brain.

Softmotion® 3D lenticular printing medium reaches far beyond flat advertisement, creating an interactive environment within a designated space, at affordable prices, from lenticular postage stamp to lenticular billboard size, with accurate lenticular phasing.

The Softmotion® 3D award-winning lenticular technology has unique features that stretch the limits of contemporary lenticular printing and define the highest standards in 3D/4D lenticular animated visual products.

See our story in the corporate video at:  and see the impact on viewer’s behavior at: and ask for a free Lenticular Feasibility Study of your concept/idea at:

Recent Portfolio

Dulles Airport Lenticular Print Mandalay Bay Lenticular Print Eaton Corporation Lenticular Print Quebecor Lenticular Print

Helping to improve the quality of life for others is a key part of Softmotion's values and we proudly support Shriners Hospitals for ChildrenĀ®

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